Success requires careful consideration of your internal and external environment. Retaining current business and expanding into new lines of work demand forethought, a comprehensive plan, a customer-focused design and a detailed growth strategy.

Strategize & Innovate
  • Current state operational review
  • Market assessment
  • Capabilities evaluation
  • Strategy development
  • Research & market analysis
  • Competitive position review
  • Growth roadmap
Design & Build
  • Organizational design & development
  • Opportunity identification
  • Training & workshops
  • Compliance & regulatory review
  • Teaming & partnership assessment
  • Solution development
  • Pursuit management
  • Proposal development
  • Cost & pricing support
  • Stakeholder engagement
Mobilize & Deploy
  • Implementation planning
  • Implementation management
  • Contract management
  • Staffing & training
  • Resource management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Risk & change management
  • Performance reporting & monitoring
  • Operational blueprint & policies
  • Financial management & budgeting
  • Compliance management


The question is not how to maintain the status quo or meet next year’s revenue targets.

The question is what we have the potential to become and why will we embrace that change. We help our clients find their potential and create the change to reach it.

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Winning Lean strategy to reach your goals.

Winning Lean™ unifies the entire contract lifecycle into an integrated set of practices to help your organization grow by leveraging a thorough understanding of your customers. By focusing on solving your customer’s challenges and building value both for your organization and your customers, your business development approach serves your organizational goals and your strategic growth. Why? New business solely focused on a single dimension (for example, a contract award) is short-sighted and seldom leads to long-term, sustainable growth.

Each phase of Winning Lean™ is built upon a series of overlapping, integrated tasks and practices. These practices help to transform your organization from chasing a pipeline to creating solutions that drive value and positive change. With a clear focus on the right objectives, the Winning Lean™ tools and practices begin to evolve your organization. Based on an agile methodology, Winning Lean™ revitalizes your organization – leadership, strategy, operations, and sales – to focus on what is important, do what matters and drive toward excellence, transformation and growth.



We prepare your business for the delivery of new programs and project delivery, new geography, and new capabilities. We help you mobilize the right people, doing the right things, supported by the right technology – on time and within budget. We ready your organization to fulfill its commitments, demonstrate effectiveness and delight customers.

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Years of Experience

Our Principals have 75 Combined Years of Government Contract Experience.

$70 Billion

Contract Revenues

We have Won Contracts in Excess of $70 Billion for Our Clients.

12 Federal Agencies & 25 States

New Business Development

Successfully Delivered Business Across 12 Federal Agencies and 25 States

Strategize & Innovate.
Design & Build.
Mobilize & Deploy.

Strategize. Design. Mobilize.

Are you ready to realize the fullest potential of your business? Let’s make things happen.